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About us


provides the highest quality medical laboratory services in Botswana to all healthcare professionals and their patients, using well-trained staff and most advanced technologies available. With an emphasis on professionalism, accuracy, and attention to detail, we have surpassed international quality standards and have received many awards for our efforts.

With over 25 Branches covering the entire country, we are the best choice for convenient, quality, and affordable clinical testing. With a wide range of test, state of the art instrumentation, and technically proven methodologies, we strive to provide a full comprehensive service in clinical testing.

Experience Excellence


Diagnofirm’s commitment to total quality service starts with our client’s very first experience. Essentially the first contact a patient has with the laboratory occurs in this area. Our spacious, friendly, and aesthetically pleasing premises welcome our clients with warmth while our efficient, courteous and hospitable staffs see to all of their needs. We emphasize care and understanding in our interviews, fast response to client enquiries, and absolute confidentiality with client records and data.

Our customer care assistants show compassion towards our clients and their families and display utmost respect for the health professionals that need our assistance. Their professionalism shows in every aspect of their duties, from answering the phone to attending to patients, to storage and retrieval of data. At Diagnofirm, attending to our clients quickly and thoroughly is our topmost priority.

At the reception desk, the patient is asked to present an ID card and medical aid card and request form. Using the information on the request form, the receptionist accesses the patient’s laboratory request file and enters the tests that need to be done. Labels are generated and passed on to the phlebotomy team who will call the patient in and collect appropriate specimens.

Reception Mission

Dedication to high-quality customer service is the heart of our mission. While providing service for the laboratory is important, our main objective is to play a role in providing patients with the best possible care at Diagnofirm. This dedication requires exceptional customer service skills with patients and constant communication with DML staff.

  • Spacious
  • Friendly
  • Courteous
  • Best Possible Care
Diagnofirm Medical Laboratories!

Our Statement & Value

  • Vision and Mission
  • Objectives
  • Core Values

DMLstrives to be a regional leader in the field of Pathology, offering total solutions to healthcare organisations and medical health care companies ensuring delivery of high quality, unsurpassed clinical diagnostic service and integrity.

  • To provide quality pathology services to our clients at a reasonable cost. To provide pathology services that are online with international standards.
  • To always remain highly competitive in all the services we provide.
  • To remain dedicated to excellence in patient care by being at the forefront with highly skilled personnel continued education and technology in the field of medical laboratory medicine.
  • To train the next generation of medical laboratory scientists and technicians by providing the highest quality of in-house training to students, including appropriate ethical behaviour.
  • To uphold community development by a sound corporate social investment scheme.
  • Inclusiveness – by using the input from our staff and clients in our quest to provide quality services.
  • Competitiveness – by recognizing that in medicine the only constant changes, we constantly adapt to and recognize the ever-changing customer needs and requirements.
  • Diversity and personalized customer care – by recognizing that each customer is a unique individual and customizing care to satisfy their need and requirements.
  • Collaboration – through the programs we carry out in social activities within the community, with training institutions and in the corporate world a din our work practices.
  • Excellence – through the recognition of Quality in all our services.
  • Innovation – by keeping abreast with the latest technologies in medical laboratory science.
  • Social responsibility – by putting the needs of Botswana its people first by providing the latest technology at AFFORDABLE prices.
  • Dedication – by not compromising any of our core values and always aiming to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Congruence with national goals – by aligning our goal settings along pillars and ethos of botswana ‘s vision 2016.
Eliminating Potential. Suspect or actual failure

Management Review

Annual Review of the management system is performed once a year
A minimum of two annual reviews of the management system is performed. This review examines the system and determines if it meets the conditions set by DML and the standards. The quality system may need to be modified due to changes that have or are expected to take place in the organization, facilities, staffing, equipment, activities and workload.

Components of the

Management Review

The review consists but is not limited to the following

  • Suitability of policies and procedures
  • Reports from managerial and supervisory personnel
  • The outcome of recent internal audits
  • Effectiveness of previous actions taken
  • Assessment by external testing
  • Changes in the volume and type of work
  • Client feedback
  • Complaints
  • Other factors, such as quality control activities, resources and staff

Action items and plans are closed when the results of the investigation are implemented or judged as having no added value to the quality system

  • Top Management
  • Annual Reviews
  • Quality System
  • Modifications

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