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Clinical Microbiology

As an innovation driven team in the department, we are able to offer clients the full range of high quality microbiology services from routine cultures and sensitivities to the typing of organisms. Our management in response to the clinical needs of clients is continually introducing new assays.

The department also participates in disease outbreak surveillance as well as medical screening for various occupations that include food handlers.

As part of a state of the art medical center, the section uses automated processes commonly in use throughout the medical community. Some of these include the Clinitek Status urinalysis analyzer. Lab tests and specimens are managed and reported through the organization's information system except where critical values also necessitate immediate telephonic or facsimile reporting. Of course, the majority of microbiology procedures are still performed using traditional stains, culture media, and reagents.

The department also hosts a student program where some students from the institution of Health sciences in Gaborone spend time learning the various techniques in microbiology. Training programs provide students with practical experience in the set-up, processing and resulting of all types of specimens.