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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry Laboratory is responsible for the laboratory testing in the important area of HIV monitoring. Much work is carried out in conjunction with hematology department to provide flawless consultation and diagnostics for various clinical scenarios regarding HIV monitoring. Quantitative assessments of lymphocytes are done in this department.

Quality in this department is vigorously monitored and hence all the procedures are enrolled in regional and international proficiency testing programs.

Flow Cytometry department boasts of the following equipment:

This cytometer provided and serviced by Beckman Coulter, is one of the best cytometers on the market today. It has three components namely the cytometer, computer workstation, and the power supply module. It uses the principle of the forward and side scatter whereby cells are identified using their size and granularity respectively. The stream of blood sample flows in a channel created by sheath fluids, a principle called hydrodynamic. It does a maximum of 32 tests at a time and a full run takes at most 64 minutes. The quality of samples is observed while the testing is in Progress.

This machine does pipetting only. It pipettes specified volumes of antibody reagents and blood samples. It also does its own washing process and mixing of samples to be tested on the cytometer.

This machine does the incubation of sample tubes transferred from the Prep Plus. After the incubation process the blood is haemolysed, the leucocytes are stabilized and the cell membrane fixed. The three processes are done using the three reagents that are input in the machine.

  Quantitative Assessment



  Flawless consultation and diagnostics.