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Quality Assurance

The mission of the Quality Assurance Department is to guide the organization to achieve quality medical laboratory services by coordinating all quality improvement and compliance efforts.

The department promotes a proactive approach towards more efficient and cost effective customer services with the aim of achieving full regulatory compliance, meeting or exceeding all regulatory standards set forth by accreditation and regulatory agencies.

The department is responsible for implementing and enforcing the Quality Management System as adopted by Diagnofirm. It ensures that all laboratory testing is subjected of all results from these activities.

The department also provides leadership in diagnofirm's mission on ensure that the results of patient testing conducted at Diagnofirm are of the highest quality, regardless of testing site and are results that our customers can trust.

Diagnofirm is committed to good professional laboratory practice and the provision of the highest quality medical laboratory testing services to all its customers at the most affordable cost.

Diagnofirm has implemented the ISO 17025 quality management system to ensure that the provision of quality services and will continually improve the effectiveness of the system as it aims to comply and meet or even surpass all the accreditation requirements of the standards as well as meeting customer requirements.

Moreover DML is committed to enhancing the capabilities of its technical and administrative staff through providing opportunitiesfor continual upgrading of the technical and quality management competencies.

Management is committed to introducing its staff to its quality policy and quality system. Management has approved a management system manual which is designed to offer guidance in implementing and following the management system adopted. It is the responsibility of the staff however to familiarize themselves and comply with policies and procedures of the management system that has been adopted in it's entirely.

As it aims to achieve the highest standards of service. DML management sets quality objectives and standards to ensure the goals are met.

  Good Professional Laboratory Practice

  Highest Quality

  ISO 17025

  Continual Improvement

Our staff works in a fast-paced, progressive, team-oriented atmosphere. Staff is able to expand their knowledge through exposure to advanced technology, continuing education and career ladder opportunities. The performance of routine and high level esoteric testing make the environment rich for our staff to apply clinical skill and critical thinking every day.

Diagnofirm Medical Laboratories offer a wide array of educational materials for our clients and technologists, and participates in several national and international programs. Within the laboratory continuing medical education is offered on several levels for our personnel. Diagnofirm keeps a current library of textbooks and educational material that can either be used on site or loaned for offsite purposes. These materials cover all the activities that the members of staff are engaged in. Diagnofirm also offers lecture appearances by our staff, local faculty, and guest lectures.

For clients, Diagnofirm Medical Laboratories offer reference to expert consultations with the clinicians we work with and lectures on a variety of medical tests and conditions. In addition, information is provided to optimize the efficiency of test ordering for the inconvenience of the clinicians. The latter is important in streamlining the diagnostic process and decreasing costs of laboratory workups for patients.

Additionally, Diagnofirm Medical Laboratories have been invited to present diagnostic seminars at a variety of national and international meetings. These lectures and seminars demonstrative the recognition of Diagnofirm Medical Laboratories and the expertise that is readily available to clinicians.


  Team Oriented

  Advanced Technology

  Expert Consultation