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Clinical Chemistry

We strive to provide rapid, accurate and economical testing of a variety of clinically relevant analytes in common biological fluids. We believe in strong interaction between both doctors and staff to ensure the best possible care is rendered to all patients.

To this end, we have invested in an instrument right at the top of the range in clinical chemistry analysers.

We offer a range of routine tests as well as a specialized service for clinical fields including:
Endocrinology and Tumor Markers
Antenatal and Neonatal Screening
General clinical chemistry
Variety of Therapeutic drugs can also be monitored in the laboratory
All our tests are monitored by Thistle International Quality and Internal Quality Control. We also participate in the national quality assurance scheme and some special tests are enrolled in an overseas quality program.

The Department Comprises

Thyroid testing
Cardiac marker testing
Common tumour markers
Urine analysis
Alcohol and osmolality
Serum proteins
Pregnancy testing
Metabolic analytes (including glycated-hemoglobin)
We can perform a simple screen for the presence of commonly abused drugs, but since we are not a forensic laboratory, the information we provide is intended only to serve in the medical management of patients.

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