Quality the journey not the destination

Quality Assurance

The mission of the Quality Assurance Department is to guide the organization to achieve quality medical laboratory services by coordinating all quality improvement and compliance efforts.
The department promotes a proactive approach towards more efficient and cost-effective customer services with the aim of achieving full regulatory compliance, meeting or exceeding all regulatory standards set forth by accreditation and regulatory agencies.

The department is responsible for ensuring that all processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented, and maintained by coordinating the development and control of the QMS.
The department also provides leadership in Diagnofirm’s mission on ensuring that the results of patient testing conducted at Diagnofirm are of the highest quality, regardless of testing site and are results that our customers can trust.

DML has defined, documented, and is implementing and maintaining a quality management system to continually improve its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO15189 The quality management system provides for the integration of all processes required to fulfil its quality policy and objectives and meet the needs and requirements of the users.

Our Commitment to Quality

Diagnofirm Medical Laboratory is committed to good professional practice; to use examinations that are fit for the intended use; to comply with the requirements of ISO 15189:2012 and to their Quality Management System and to continually improve the quality of their pathology services. The management of Diagnofirm Medical Laboratories sets and reviews their Quality objectives to ensure that their goals are met.

DML strives to be a regional leader in the field of Pathology, offering total solutions to healthcare organisations and medical health care companies ensuring delivery of high quality, unsurpassed clinical diagnostic service and integrity.

Benefits of using an

accredited medical laboratory

Choosing an accredited laboratory provides peace of mind and an assurance of a job well done.

You wouldn’t drive a car that isn’t roadworthy – because the risks are obvious. The same is true of services from medical laboratories – you need to make sure that your choice is safe and assured. You need the confidence that the laboratory operates within defined procedures and to established standards. You want to know that your tests will be undertaken by a laboratory that has the right people, facilities, expertise, systems and track record to do the job right – first time and every time. That’s what laboratory accreditation is all about.

Most of the accreditation bodies have adopted ISO 15189 as the basis of accrediting medical laboratories. This has helped countries to employ a uniform approach to determining laboratory competence. This uniform approach allows countries to establish agreements among themselves, based on mutual evaluation and acceptance of each other’s accreditation systems. Such international agreements, called mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs), are crucial in enabling laboratory data to be accepted between countries. This effectively reduces costs to the patients as it eliminates the need for re-testing in another laboratory.

Other benefits to the

client include

  • The knowledge that results are traceable to international standards
  • The knowledge that tests have been carried out by competent staff on well-maintained, regularly calibrated equipment
  • The knowledge that results are as reliable as possible
  • In the event of a dispute the results will carry far more weight than results from a non-accredited laboratory.