Cytology & Histology

Bridging the gap… between clinical diagnosis and disease management

Cytology & Histology

It is a well-documented fact that Diagnofirm is the country’s leader in diagnostic sciences today. Since 2007 Diagnofirm, has been offering histological services that fit the unique needs of our valuable clients. Our services include consultation and diagnostics on tissue samples.

Our highly trained professionals find able partners in our cutting edge types of equipment, which include vacuum infiltration tissue processor which is fully automated with a processing capacity of 300 tissue samples simultaneously and computer-managed reagent control and management. A fully integrated grossing station enables our personnel to work comfortably, safely and efficiently. It is equipped with a double filtration unit to aid user amelioration by providing a vapour free work environment.

Our embedding station and microtome bench are user-friendly and incorporate the latest technologies available in the market today. Diagnofirm histology department uses specialised services such as immunohistochemistry, an ancillary technique to enhance diagnostic accuracy.

Cytology is also an integral part of diagnostic pathology and serves as an immediate and accurate diagnostic tool for a wide variety of pathological disorders. Our personnel are highly trained to tackle the diagnostic challenges of various health scourges of sub-Saharan Africa, where cytodiagnosis is the order of the day. The cytology department offers both gynaecological and non-gynaecological services. We also offer Fine Needle Aspiration collection services on palpable lesions on site.

Our capabilities in diagnostic services are at the forefront, but that is not all that encompasses our vision and mission statement. Safety of our laboratory staff, an eco-friendly work ethos and amiable working environment are our synchronous objectives along with diagnostic excellence.

  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Reliable and consistent
  • State of the art technology
  • Quality oversight from start to finish
  • Adherence to good documentation practices to ensure data integrity