Flow Cytometry

On the forefront of the fight against HIV

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry Laboratory is responsible for laboratory testing in the important area of HIV monitoring. Much work is carried out in conjunction with the haematology department to provide flawless consultation and diagnostics for various clinical scenarios regarding HIV monitoring. Quantitative assessments of lymphocytes are done in this department.

Quality in this department is vigorously monitored and hence all the procedures are enrolled in regional and international proficiency testing programs.

  • Monitored
  • Quantitative Assessment
  • Flawless consultation and diagnostics.


The AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometer system is an automated analyzer for hands-off processing of whole-blood samples from sample introduction to results reporting. The system efficiently performs a range of diagnostic immune monitoring applications that use a no-wash sample preparation process.

AQUIOS CL has been accepted for the World Health Organization list of prequalified in vitro diagnostic products. The AQUIOS CL System streamlines operations by incorporating automated loading, sample preparation, reagent management, and barcode scanning as well as data analysis and bidirectional LIS connectivity in one compact platform.

In the clinical management of immune deficiency diseases, accurately counting the absolute cell numbers of leukocyte subsets and measuring the percentage of individual subtypes in the blood is critical. The AQUIOS CL flow cytometer in combination with AQUIOS Tetra reagents provides a Single Platform Technology (SPT) for lymphocyte subset analysis and enumeration without the need for counting beads..

AQUIOS CL provides:

  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • High Throughput Lymphocyte Subset Analysis